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Please browse the website to find out more about the Black Cat cutter range, voted Four Star Gold Award Top Ten Die cutter in 2011 and even better for 2012... an Excellence Award by


Voted one of the best die cutters on the market today.



'This die cutting machine does much more than cut, which it does extremely well. Add a pen and have the Cougar draw something for you. Plug in an embossing tool and have the Cougar imprint very specific patterns for you. With the engraving tool you add even more options. It will also punch holes or distress items. All of the added capabilities make your project options practically endless.


When it comes to cutting the Cougar is virtually unstoppable. With 900 grams of pressure it will get through an amazingly long list of materials. The usual suspects are of course on that list – cardstock, vinyl, velum, etc. – but consider the family of projects you can create when your die cutting machine can carve precise shapes into rubber, leather, sponge and even faux fur. You can create your own rubber stamps, promote your business with a set of customized magnets and create amazing scrapbooking layouts. We like the versatility of the Cougar in its feeding options. You can cut large quantities out of any material that comes in a roll or you can cut one page at a time.


This is not a table saw, of course, but you will be able to manipulate thin metals, sheet magnets, balsa wood and stiffened felt. The Cougar die cutting system will conquer even light clay and cotton fabric, if it is properly secured. You could create your own purses, t-shirt prints and glass etching patterns. In the crafting realm at least there is nothing the Cougar can’t tackle. The Black Cat forums have enough ideas to last a lifetime if you come to the end of your own reserve of ideas. We saw all sorts of intricately carved ornaments, paper flowers, lamp shades, kirigami creations, pop-up cards and gift boxes.'